How to Export Your Kindle Highlights with Notes and Comments

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Electronic books offer advantages over paper, such as being able to carry several copies without taking up space. Acquire new readings directly from the device ocshare views and annotations with the rest of the users. We tell you how.

Export your notes on Amazon Kindle

In addition to having access to the opinions and highlights shared by the rest of the users of a certain book, we also have the option of sharing our quotes and highlighted passages. But first we must select and create callouts that we want to preserve and share. To do this, select the text by tapping on the screen. When doing so, a menu appears in which we choose if we want to underline or create a note from this text. On this occasion we create a note with our appreciations about the text and that we want to share with the rest. Once saved, we can access it from the pop-up menu.

Sharing with other users

Sharing with other users | TecnoXplora

  • In this way, tap on the top of the page to display the menu, click on the icon of the three dots in the right corner of it, to display new options.
  • In this pop-up window, select “notes and underlining”.
  • When entering this option we have several tabs, “contents” where we find a brief outline of the book, and with which we can move by clicking on the sections. And the “notes and underlines” tab, which is what interests us this time.
  • This in turn is divided into two sections, “staff” where the texts that we have highlighted during our reading. Either in the form of underlines or notes that we have been including. Secondly, “popular” where we will see the texts that other users have highlighted. So that from the same place we can exchange impressions and see which have been the passages that have had the most impact on readers.
  • The differences between the notes and the highlights is that while we can share the highlights, the same does not happen with the notes since we only have the option to edit the text.
  • To share a highlighted part of the text, we just have to click on the option “to share” located at the bottom right of each text. The other option we have is to delete them. In this way it will no longer be a highlighted text and will no longer be shared with other users.

In this way, through the device, we can send Amazon a file with all our notes related to the book so that these can be known by other users. So our devices in addition to enjoying readingallow us to share highlighted passages or what we liked the most, with other users and in this way, also know if we agree with the rest. It is also a way to find out which passages they liked the most or to easily find a text that we want to remember. An option of personal choice since we can save all our comments and highlights without the need for anyone to know what our choices have been.


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