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Today, at Territorio Pyme, we talk to Juan Gonnzález Herrero so he can tell us how success is achieved by setting up several companies, as well as his experience of embarking on a business in the midst of a pandemic and everyone confined.

– What is it like to launch a project in the midst of a pandemic?

Launching into the materialization of a project always requires large doses of conviction, preparation and assumption of the risks incurred, especially when the environment is not particularly conducive to embarking on an undertaking. I believe that few scenarios can be considered as hostile as the one we are experiencing with the pandemic, which multiplies the risks and requires a maximum level of self-demand. In any case, if you wait for the right moment, or what we think is the right moment, it is most likely that we will never start anything. Since 2008 we have been experiencing a concatenation of economic crises, recessions, health pandemics and a new crisis in the making. That is why, when Herrero Brigantina decided to launch Blacksmith Capital SICAV SA to be listed on the BME Growht Stock Exchange in May 2020, in full confinement, because we understood that the value offer for the investor was good enough not to postpone it any longer and assuming that the expectations more than compensated for the risks and that the team in charge of making this unique project a reality was sufficiently prepared to successfully complete this determined commitment.

– How did you come up with something like that?

The idea of ​​launching proprietary Herrero Brigantina brand products and investment vehicles has been implicit since the beginning of the business project, and is part of the Group’s DNA. The idea of ​​materializing that vision in a specific vehicle and taking the step from being only suppliers of other products to also being manufacturers of our own investment products, was decided in September 2017, when the British insurer AVIVA decided to leave the Spanish market and sell your business to Santalucía Seguros. For the Grupo Herrero Brigantina it was a jug of cold water, since the level and quality of AVIVA’s products in the life, investment and social security branch had much higher quality standards than those of Santalucía Seguros (a large insurance company with a long history and recognized brand image in our country) could provide to Herrero Brigantina’s clients. All of this implied a clear opportunity: not depending on third parties and being the ones to offer a service up to what customers demand when they go to a professional from the Group.

– What was the best and the worst of this release process?

The best thing about the process was undoubtedly the overwhelming enthusiasm and enthusiasm that all the people involved in the process showed for bringing the project to a successful conclusion in an environment as extremely hostile as the confinement during the pandemic. It must be taken into account that within the processes carried out there were multidisciplinary teams that were teleworking from their homes hundreds of kilometers away. The least positive, dealing with public administrations that were collaborative at all times but that were overwhelmed by the exceptional circumstance that we had to live through.

– Throughout your career you have created several companies, what is the secret of this success?

The answer is simple: I have made every effort to surround myself with talented, motivated people who want to be constructive and contribute their grain of sand to each project.

– What would you say to entrepreneurs who want to set up their own business?

That they never give up, that they always believe in themselves and in the enormous value that their projects have for the Society. That despite the difficulties and failures that will mark the way, the only thing they have to remember is that only those who give up lose, and that, if after each blow they are able to learn and get up, success will come sooner rather than later.


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