How to remove a persistent notification on an Android phone

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Notifications are messages through which the operating system provides the user with reminders, communications or specific information about an ‘app’ which, despite their declarative nature, can be annoying.

This is a problem in the already established android 12 and, in fact, its next version will require new permissions from the applications to be able to send these alerts to the owners of the devices that integrate it.

To preserve privacy in android 13users will need to allow the app to send them notifications by tapping the ‘Allow’ option on a pop-up window, much like granting access permissions to things like the camera or location.

Typically, a user can get rid of a notification on Android by sliding it to the side or clicking on the ‘Clear all’ option that is located in the lower right part of the control box.

However, there are so-called permanent or persistent notifications that are shielded against this type of simple actions and are not so easy to eliminate, since they do not offer alternatives for it.

There are several ways to clear one or more permanent notifications on our Android phone. One of them is to press and hold the alert that we want to hide. Next, a popup offers the option to disable some or all notifications related to that ‘app’ permanently.

Another way to deal with this type of notification contemplates the force close the app. To do this, the user must press and hold the screen on its corresponding icon and then access its information.

Once inside this section, the several options. Among them, to force the closure of said application, which will lead to the disappearance of all its active notifications at the time of the operation.

The third alternative to delete both persistent notifications and the rest of these alerts offered by the device is to access the ‘Settings‘ Of the device.

From this, in the section dedicated to notifications, the user can manage all. In this section, it even shows you the average of the alerts that you usually receive.

Once we have learned how to get rid of annoying permanent notifications, we must remember that they do not all have to have this character, but that they also exist reminders prompting the user to finish setting up their mobile device.

There are others that, in addition to being useful for their informative work, do not require user intervention to disappear. This is the case for activities such as updates to ‘software’, which are governed by a progress bar that appears as a notification at all times until the process is complete. Immediately afterwards and after concluding the operation, they disappear.


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