How to remove the Search button from the home screen of your iPhone in iOS 16

we will explain how to remove search button from home screen in iOS 16, so that it is no longer always present at the bottom of the screen. It is a button that gives you quick access to Spotlight, the universal iOS search engine, and that appears as an alternative to making the gesture of sliding the screen down to show it.

This button has never been there, and Apple has implemented it in the latest update so that users who are not familiar with Spotlight have more convenient access to it. But although it doesn’t take up space or take up space in apps, if you don’t feel like having it and prefer a cleaner desktop, you will be able to remove it easily from the settings.

Disable the search button

The first thing you have to do is go into your iPhone settings, clicking on the settings application that appears on the desktop, or searching for it in the search engine. This will take you to the iOS settings.

Starting screen

Once you are inside the iOS settings, you have to go down to the third block of options. In the, click on the option Starting screen that will appear with an icon in which you see the home screen with small icons.

not show

Once inside the section Starting screen, you’ll see several different options appear to configure its appearance. Here, you have to turn off the option Show on home screen from the section Search, and the search engine will stop appearing. If you want it to show up again, you can come here and turn the option back on whenever you want.

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