How to Reset Network Settings on an iPhone

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reset your iPhone network settings

iOS is a much tighter operating system than Android, but it also offers interesting freedoms for you to play with your iPhone’s layout. For example, you have the possibility to modify phone restrictionscan also be install public betas safelythere is method to remove screen lock and more. Otherwise, reset network settings iPhone is another option you have and it is very easy to get.

Resetting network settings will make it possible to access a Wi-Fi connection that was blocked.

Although the procedure to achieve the restoration is simple, you have to comply with some specific steps to avoid problems. In short, we will give each one of the indications so that you fulfill your objective without having to live a nightmare.

How to reset your iPhone network settings?

If you are having trouble connecting your iPhone to the Internet, one of the best solutions available to you is to reset your network settings.

– Go to “Settings” – “General” – “Transfer or Reset iPhone” – “Reset”.

– Choose “Reset network settings”.

– The system will ask you to enter your PIN to confirm what you want to do. Then the mobile will reboot.

Points to consider

When you perform a smartphone network reset, the following data will be erased.

– Names of saved and started Wi-Fi networks.

– Stored Bluetooth devices will be unpaired.

– The network preferences will be deleted, the same with the settings of the VPN you use.

– Trusted certificates will change to “untrusted”.

If you don’t want to lose that information, you can check that your iPhone is not in “Airplane mode”, as this prevents the mobile from connecting to the Internet. It seems silly, but many times you can accidentally activate this mode.

A system malfunction can also prevent the Internet connection from working normally. Performing a simple restart of the iPhone could put things in their place. Forgetting the Wi-Fi network you can’t connect to is another workable solution, re-entering your login details is a basic trick that almost always works.

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