How to use Action Mode on iPhone 14 to stabilize any video

Although the ideal would be to be able to have a tripod or a stabilizer when we record video with the iPhone, this is not always possible for us. Something that seems not to matter to the new iPhone 14because its mode of action Stabilize any shaky video at the touch of a button.

No more (in many cases) having to carry external stabilizers

The stabilization of Action Mode in the new iPhone 14 delivers truly amazing results. It does this by combining both the information from the new high-precision accelerometers and capturing more of the area than we see on the screen and then applying a digital crop. Using this mode of action is really simple, we will do it like this:

  1. We open the app Camera on our iPhone.
  2. We slide on the visualization to the right to access the video mode.
  3. We touch the button in the form of a person running from the top.
  4. We record the video.

Since, as we have said, a digital crop is applied, let’s notice that, automatically, when we activate the Action Mode camera goes from wide-angle to ultra-wide-angle. This can vary the framing slightly, so let’s make sure to frame once we’ve activated the mode.

The truth is that the results are really impressive. As long as we have good lighting, which guarantees the camera enough information for the new Photonic Engine to do its job, stabilization will prevent us from having to carry any equipment with our iPhone. Just activate the mode and start recording.

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