Huawei Launches Spark Cloud to Boost Startups in Latin America

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In order to strengthen the work carried out by the startup in Latin America, huawei launched his program SparkCloudwith which it will provide these incoming companies with tools to solve mishaps such as: technical dilemmas, creating marketing strategies, chasing clients and fundraising rounds.

Huawei expects to launch the program next month, in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Joaquin Saldaña, Huawei’s Director of Strategy and Marketing for Latin America, assured that “at Huawei, we are here to co-create with entrepreneurs and help them access the necessary resources to start growing exponentially”.

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Participation Requirements

The program will feature four categories that are directed to the time and experience of each startup.

The call will be open to link all kinds of verticals and industries such as health, environment, Internet, robotics and Artificial Intelligence, among others. They must all be digital and must be working in the Cloud.

  • First category: it is expected that the startup already have a designed service, with at least five years of experience, with a defined final market. The company must have at least two engineers who can receive a certification; be running on the Huawei Cloud, and have at least three developers.
  • Second category: startup that has 100 percent digital tools and wants to migrate at least one service to Huawei.
  • Third category: must have at least two years of experience, a defined growth, that migrates at least two services to HuaweiCloud and incorporate five engineers available for Huawei training. Additionally, it is expected that at the end of the training a new service will be created for the company, based on Huawei Cloud.
  • Fourth category: that incorporates a annual growth of at least 80 percenta migration of at least one service, three engineers and two more people to work on improvement and innovation processes to certify at least five engineers.

Entrepreneurs will receive:

  1. Training.
  2. Marketing shared with huawei.
  3. Cloud resources to strengthen your services.

Huawei expects to work with at least 60 startup at this start of the program: 48 from category 1, six from category 2 and three from category 3 and 4 each.

“Latin America is a very dynamic market, the initiatives are creative and mix in experience for each of the industries. The academy and the government have innovated in this sense. So with this program, we also hope to be an even more competitive region with increasingly specialized talent,” he concluded. Alfonso JimenezDirector of Strategy and Marketing for Latin America.

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