‘Hunter x Hunter’ sets the date for the manga’s return after four very long years of hiatus

After a very good season in which it seemed that the publication ‘Hunter x Hunter’ was going from strength to strength, the health of Yoshihiro Togashi suffered a setback again and the manga went to one of its famous breaks.

After several years of emptiness, a few months ago we got the surprise out of nowhere that Togashi had made a Twitter account and he was sharing his drawing process for the new chapters. The process is taking time, but it seems that We finally have a date in sight for the return of ‘Hunter x Hunter’ After so much time.

A new compilation volume

If he does nothing, the mangaka confirmed that I was already working on the cover and finalizing the last pageson the Weekly Shōnen Jump This week it has been confirmed when the next volume will go on sale.

Although in the West we will have to wait, in Japan you will be able to buy the volume 37 of ‘Hunter x Hunter’ starting next November 4th. This volume will include ten new chapters, from 381 to 390.

It must be said that these chapters are not the new ones that Togashi has been working on, but the ones that had not yet been published in volume format.. Still, it’s great news and Shueisha is giving a lot of hype to the return of ‘Hunter x Hunter’ and there is no hint of a rumor about its cancellation despite the years it has been on hiatus.

So between the new volume in sight and Togashi continuing to work at the rate that his health allows, it is possible that from November the weekly publication in Shonen Jump will resume, even if it is in small batches of chapters so that the mangaka have time to rest.

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