“I don’t know if Fernando underestimates Lance Stroll”

Fernando Alonso will disembark in Aston-Martin with a new plan: ‘The mission. The Spaniard will leave behind a couple of turbulent years in Alpine to focus on a new project with the British team. There he will share a seat with Lance Stroll. A new partner who can make things much more difficult than you think.

So at least the Aston Martin team boss thinks, Mike Krak. In a statement to his own Formula 1, hinted at the magnificent work done by the one who will be Alonso’s partner next season. He was very sure of the good performance that he can contribute and even fight the two-time world champion face to face.

“It is important to remember that Lance has never had a winning car in Formula 1, a car with which he can show what he is capable of,” Krack explained to the official media of the ‘big circus‘. Launches in favor of the billionaire’s son Lawrence Stroll. The driver’s father owns 20% of the team’s shareholders. That has cost him to be pointed out many times inside and outside the paddock as a paid driver.

Lance Stroll, with Aston Martin at the 2022 Hungarian GP


Thus, Alonso will start as the theoretical leader at the controls of the Aston Martin. His experience, his ability to develop the single-seater and his quality at the controls place him above his partner, who is only 24 years old. The Spaniard is already at 41.

A situation that can lead him to underestimate Stroll’s work. However, the boss of the team has already sent a first notice to his brand new signing. “I don’t know if Fernando underestimates Lance. Clearly he is not afraid to face him in the same car or any other driver, but there is respect between them,” he declared during the Formula 1 break, which does not return until the first weekend. week of october in singapore

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To put in context, the team’s top leader compares the figure of Alonso with Sebastian Vettel, whom he will replace. The German has been superior to the Canadian, but the good work of the latter has put him in some other trouble throughout the Grand Prix.

“When Sebastian came to the team, people said that Lance had no options, but Lance has performed amazingly well against a four-time world champion and they have been close”, Krack developed about the situation that may occur as of 2023.

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Even so, he does not want to venture to predict a result when both compete on the track. “People say the same thing now that Fernando arrives, but let’s wait and he’ll see. Lance may surprise some,” he said. A roadmap that seems destined for the two to prove on their own who is the best.

He also wanted to stress that the two maintain a good relationship inside and outside the paddock. The contractual commitments Alonso and Stroll have made them coincide far from the circuits causing a greater rapprochement. Also, the Canadian has one of his greatest references in the world of F1 in Spanish. “They have known each other for many years, they have raced against each other and Fernando knows Lance’s qualities. There is real respect there,” ends the Aston Martin direct.

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An exciting duel that from 2023 will take place in the British team. One arrives with the role of a veteran and the other, with that of a young man willing to do anything. Two different ways to face a new season in which Stroll and Alonso share the same goal.


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