“I never thought we could match ‘Breaking Bad'”

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The end of ‘Better Call Saul’ approaches. The thirteenth and final episode of the sixth season premieres this Tuesday, August 16 at 10:30 p.m. on Movistar Plus+. The series created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould will thus surpass its predecessor in number of episodes ‘Breaking Bad’. The fiction starring Bob Odenkirk has managed to achieve a prestige similar to that of the original production, something that its creators “never” would have foreseen. “I never thought we could match herGould declares.

The sixth season comes to an end with episode 13 of the sixth season, titled ‘Goodbye, Saul’. It will be the end of Jimmy McGill’s (Odenkirk) transformation journey into hustler criminal lawyer Saul Goodman and how he went from the cartel to the courts. “This latest episode is the culmination of all the work we’ve done over the years and I couldn’t be happier.. It has a combination of tones that leaves a host of sensations that are difficult to describe”, explains the screenwriter and creator of ‘Better Call Saul’ in an interview with Europa Press.

‘Goodbye, Saul’ is written alone by Gould, who also directs the chapter, a challenge that was a “headache” as it was the final outcome of the fiction produced by AMC. “I was ecstatic with excitement and the result has left me very excited about what we’ve done and where the characters are going to go. This episode in particular has been an internal struggle, it caused me real headaches, but I couldn’t be more satisfied with how it turned out,” says the creative.


Gould considers that if the spin-off has managed to reach its predecessor, it has been because it was always conceived as a different production. “I never thought we could catch up with ‘Breaking Bad’ and I still believe the series starring Bryan Cranston was once in a lifetime and having been part of it was an honor for me. I felt like I was part of The Beatles. So I never considered that ‘Better Call Saul’ would have similar support over time“, exposes.

I see ‘Better Call Saul’ as a very different series and those were always our intentions.. That was one of the things that scared me the most when we started production: being tempted to want to top ‘Breaking Bad’. We never considered that possibility and I think we have been on the right track. Both us as creatives, as the writing team and the cast, we felt that we had to do something different“, keep going.

Despite the recognition obtained by both ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’, Gould does not want to venture to see what the legacy of both productions will be in the future. “I can only say that, in the case of ‘Better Call Saul’, it has the singular advantage of touching different genres, it can be an action proposala comedy, a drama, is chameleon-like and very flexible, enough so that we dared to experiment with different camera approaches”, Gould points out, noting that “the creative and technical team behind the fiction will be missed”.


The most important thing for me and what has left the most mark on me in all these years is all the people with whom I have worked. I am speaking, of course, of the actors, of the directors, of the technicians, but especially of the scriptwriters. In these years, I remember how we all got together in the writers’ room, talking about the protagonists and other characters, thinking about them, about what they would say in such a scene. The experience of being around a group of people to talk about the direction of a series is fascinating, since a group is formed. That’s what I’m going to miss the most,” she continues.

Gould assures that, in the short term, he does not plan to re-enter the universe of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’. “Right now, I want to take a break. I am very proud of the work we have done, but we need to close this stage. In my case, I want to focus on other projects and I know that Vince [Gilligan] too”, he argues, although he does not completely rule out entering another production related to both fictions. “Never say never. So I don’t close any doors“, he concludes.

‘Goodbye, Saul’, the 13th episode of the sixth season and 63rd of ‘Better Call Saul’ in general, can be seen in the United States this Monday, August 15, on AMC and AMC+. In Spain, it can be seen at 10:30 p.m. on the Movistar Plus+ channel Series 2, dial 32.

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