Ibou Badji will try out in the NBA

The bucks They have taken over the services of the Senegalese Ibou Badji to test their progress in Spain in recent years. The player has already joined officially to the discipline of Milwaukee.

Badji is only 19 years old and has been in the scout pools for a couple of years to access the best league in the world. He was considered by them one of the outstanding of his generation among those educated in Europe.

J. D. Shaw (Hoops Rumors) he specifies that the contract is an Exhibit 10. He has no guaranteed money and what he is paid is the minimum, so it is simply a preseason deal. Of note, could stay. The templates are extended for the training camp and Badji is part of this one that the Bucks are proposing. There he will meet another well-known player trained in the Spanish categories (specifically, Catalan), Serge Ibaka. After staying out of draft going to taste the way to the NBA by this path.

Badji, a 2.14 meter center with a lot of physical presence, has been preparing for this jump as part of the Barça structure. He came to him in 2018 and until this summer he has belonged to the club. He left the African NBA Academy, where he stood out for his imposing plant, and the Barça team captured him for the future. However, the assignments took him down another path. In 2021/22, after the path in the LEB Plata with the Barcelona subsidiary, he rose in category but changed teams: Lleida enjoyed him and with them he fought for promotion to the ACB in the Final Four of which Bàsquet Marc Gasol’s Girona came out the winner. This summer he has ceased to be a Barça player for all purposes, so he has focused on the option of the NBA. Factors such as progression have played against Badji, which according to the coaches has not been as great as they expected, or the fact that another homegrown center, Nigerian James Nnaji, has overtaken him, who will be among Sarunas Jasikevicius’ regulars in 2022/ 23 after convincing last year.

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