If we need to use the Apple service program, these are the steps we have to take

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Apple products work really well and are also very easy to use, but sometimes, despite everything, we have to contact Apple support. Apple service program is really efficient and always available to help us with anything, and by following some very simple steps, we can access it more easily and conveniently. Let’s see them.

The easiest way to access Apple support

While going to an Apple Store to request a repair or calling Apple Care directly with a question is one option, we often have to wait longer than if we arrange the repair or ask initially. Thus, the easiest way to go to the technical service is asking for an appointment.

From the website of and from the Apple Support app, which we can download from the App Store on our iPhone or iPad, we can start the process of contacting Apple’s service program. In both cases, we simply have to select the type of situation that we find ourselves in, be it something hardware or software, so that we are offered different options to solve it.

Sometimes being able to talk through a chat with an Apple Genius will be enough to solve our doubt, sometimes we would prefer that they call us by phone and perhaps be able to share the screen of our iPhone, iPad or Mac to be able to better explain the situation. In other cases we must go directly to a shop for a repair.

In any case, when opening a support case in the way we have just explained, the system assigns us a time and a day and also a person who is aware of our situation. Let us always remember to make a backup of our data and, if possible, write down the serial number of our device. With this we can proceed to carry out our repair or consultation as comfortably as possible.

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