“If you don’t want to end up broken in pain, leave at once”

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Fikret seems to have changed a lot since you found out Mujgan he was leaving Çukurova. His death has also made him think a lot, and he has left behind his anger and resentment.

Ümit, however, continues in its line. The doctor wants revenge more than ever, and she is willing to do anything to end Demir and Züleyha’s relationship.

For her, the conversation they had before leaving the hospital still stands. Together they will achieve the revenge they long for.

The doctor has just moved into a hotel since Zuleyha the kicked out of the house. There he has received a visit from Fikret, who is devastated after Müjgan’s death.

Ümit does not stop talking about everything that has happened in recent days with Zuleyha Y Demir, so the young man has decided to leave. She has stopped him. Ümit knows that it’s normal for him to feel depressed now, but he can’t let his life go unnoticed. No one can do anything to get Müjgan back.

“You and I still have things to do,” the doctor reminded him. Fikret has been forceful. He is clear that he is not going to continue with revenge. Ümit He does not understand that the young man wants to leave now when they are closer than ever to breaking up the marriage. However, he doesn’t think anything they’re doing makes sense anymore.

Ümit has insisted that he continue with her, but Fikret He is very sure of his decision. He has even tried to convince the doctor to put revenge aside as well. “Give up before it’s too late,” he has warned her. Fekeli’s nephew believes that if he continues with the plan, the young woman will not end well.

The doctor, however, is blinded. Will she realize the consequences that revenge can bring?

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