“I’m in love with Kadir and I’m going to continue with him”

Balm Y kadir They have finally managed to be together after many obstacles and a long time trying. The young people have started a nice relationship now that Omer is with Ayse and that the older of the Eren seems to have clarified his feelings.

However, nothing is going to be easy for them. The young people were on a date when Nebahat has seen them holding hands. How can it be? Melisa’s mother couldn’t believe it… Of all the men out there, why does she have to fall in love with an Eren?

Of course, Nebah He has not hesitated for a second and has reproached Balm that kadir and she are together. Akif’s wife is not going to allow it and has given her daughter an ultimatum: either she leaves the relationship or she tells her father everything.

Balm She has come home very happy, but her mother was waiting for her very angry. As soon as they arrived, Akif’s wife demanded that her daughter tell her where she had been all afternoon… She told him that she was going to Talia, but has called and had not gone there. Melissa lied to him!

“You were with Kadir, right?” he asked. The young woman has not denied her mother that she has been with him. She loves him and she can’t break up with him.

A Balm she doesn’t mind confessing to whoever she is dating the young man. She is very much in love, but there was someone listening to the conversation and now she really can have problems:akif!

He’s heard it all, and now he wants to talk to Melissa! He just found out that his daughter is in love with an Eren. Will she allow it? how will she react Balm before his father?

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