“I’m not at all surprised what happened”

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Ferrari is the second factory in the Constructors’ World Championship with 334 points, 97 points behind Red Bull. The Scuderia has one of the best cars on the grid, but in recent days they have made mistakes that have weakened their chances in both championships. We must take into account the leap that Ferrari has made since 2020, when they finished sixth in the World Championship with a car that was very uncomfortable to drive and with terrible top speed. The Ferrari boss gratefully assesses the evolution of the Ferrari since, he confesses, that the 2020 project was wrong and that they paralyzed everything to focus on the 2021 regulation change (although it was later delayed to 2022). “I think in 2020 we screwed up our project and then everything froze at the start of the season.”explains Binotto in an interview with Motorsport Italy.

The Swiss engineer has highlighted the work of the entire team to fight again for victories and for the championship. Although he points out that the circumstances have helped them. “The two teams fighting for the 2021 championship likely had to make further developments over the course of last season., but we also worked harder than expected as we were fighting with McLaren until the end”, says the Swiss. Now that they are up, the best is expected from the Maranello team, but in recent races the decisions on the wall and the reliability errors have triggered Red Bull and have closed many options to win the two titles.

Binotto explains himself regarding engine breakage. “We pushed the limits of performance beyond what would have been a normal plan. We knew it would be important to close the gap to the competition before the engine freeze, knowing reliability can always be worked out later.” He also comments that this situation does not surprise him and that they counted on it when prioritizing performance. “They are unexpected events typical of a new project, and they must be taken into account, I’m not at all surprised what happened”, affirms the Swiss.

Mattia Binotto was asked about the doubts that the wall has offered in recent races, in which other decisions would have changed Ferrari’s results. In Hungary when the Ferrari had a lack of rhythm due to the temperatures, the decisions from the wall annihilated the options of Leclerc or Sainz for the victories. Or the fear of the Ferraris to put up with Carlos Sainz on the track when he was in third place resonates a lot in the paddock. “I think we have also made the right decisions.” From Silverstone and Paul Ricard: “From my point of view I think they were difficult decisions, perhaps unfortunate, but not always wrong.” The Ferrari boss has insisted that they are going to change their roadmap to win races and fight for the world championship.

About Sainz

Mattia Binotto praised the man from Madrid in his second season with Ferrari. “I think Carlos is a strong driver. He has shown it in the past, and it is no coincidence that we wanted him with us, and he reiterated it last year in his first season at Ferrari. The Swiss believes that in recent weeks he has managed to fully adapt to the Ferrari. “This year he had a difficult start to the season, but he studied and worked hard, and I think the developments we brought to the car helped his driving style. Now he is more confident with the car and it is proving to be very stable and fast”, closes the Ferrari boss.

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