Immigration measure of former President Trump is repealed

The legal modification favors foreign immigrants who present an asylum application in the United States and require a job to support themselves economically.

As of the repeal, asylum seekers in the United States will no longer be forced to wait for a year to claim a work permit. The provisions of the former Republican president, as part of his anti-immigrant policy, remain without effect.

This was announced by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). At the same time, he reported on the repeal of another immigration provision designed by the Trump government.

In favor of asylum seekers in the United States

The Democratic government specified that the legal instrument that forced asylum seekers to wait up to a year before being able to work legally in the United States had been definitively repealed.

Similarly, another article was left without effect by which certain powers were granted to USCIS (immigration authorities) to issue a permit within a maximum period of one month. Both decisions, now overturned by the Federal Court for the District of Columbia, were introduced by Trump in 2020.

The annulment of the regulations was preceded by a refusal to apply them, as of February of this year. And it is that although these guidelines of the Trump administration were no longer applicable since February 8.

“This final rule eliminates certain regulatory text that governs asylum applications. As are the interviews and eligibility for work authorization based on a pending asylum application, ”says the DHS report.

Green card of residence in the United States without fear

This is another gesture of the Democratic administration of Joe Biden with immigrant communities. The first week of September, the current government announced the elimination of the questioned Public Charge rule. Instrument that restricted the access of thousands of immigrants to essential services due to the risk of not obtaining the green card of residence in the United States.

“We will not penalize people for accessing the services and benefits of our health system, as well as other government services available to them. It would be inconsistent with the American spirit,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement.

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