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Cuba prepares the VI International Cooperation Conference of the Association of Caribbean States, in Havana, on November 10 and 11. The 25 member states and those nations that make up the organization as associates will attend the meeting, whose central axis is collaboration based on achieving complementarity between the nations of the geographical area, according to Ana Teresita González Fraga, First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment.

At a press conference, he pointed out the presence of other interested territories, as well as observer organizations, accredited social actors and financial institutions. González Fraga expressed that some 200 delegates who share the vision of the need to implement the common strategies included in the 2022-2028 Action Plan are expected to attend.

Achieving a strategic and comprehensive vision of the development problems of the Caribbean and positioning projects to mobilize fresh economic resources are the objectives of the conference, assured the First Vice Minister. She also highlighted the importance of identifying the priority areas of international exchange, regional and multilateral banks, as well as South-South cooperation.


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