Influencer Marketing, a strategy that has triggered the impact of Spanish restaurants this summer

Influencer marketing is positioned as a rising trend this summer, with advertising campaigns on Instagram that have obtained an unprecedented media value, close to 20%, far exceeding that of previous years in the Lifestyle and Leisure, Fashion and Beauty.

The data is part of the “Top Campaign Restaurants” report on influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram prepared by Le Guide Noir (LGN)from the daily monitoring of publications on social networks in more than 600 restaurants in Spain.

The ranking of the ten restaurants in Spain most involved in this type of marketing this summer includes several restaurant chains, in addition to values ​​of at least six digits of earned media value for brands and levels of engagement close to 20 percent on three of these big campaigns.

“Our sophisticated social management platform allows clients to analyze and magnify their digital presence by better understanding the online strategies of the digital industry”, explained the CEO of Le Guide Noir, Gonzalo Cebrián. Although it might seem that influencer marketing is relatively new, the reality is that it is a saturated market that requires very specific strategies from brands to generate value. “It is also an environment that is constantly changing, a niche that requires agility and constant adaptation, with ongoing strategies and timely messages from influencers at all times to create coherent speeches with which to connect with potential customers”Add.

“In the case of the restaurant sector, we can see how it has been maturing in recent years. Before, when they thought of an Influencers campaign, they created a single campaign per season for a limited duration. Now, restaurants work more effectively with recurring campaigns with micro and medium influencers that have better conversion It is a more laborious technique but much more effective, especially when the right technology is used, such as our Influencer Program for influencer portfolio managementCebrian says.

The Influencer Programme, a prescriber loyalty program developed by Le Guide Noir, allows you to find out in real time those content creators who actively want to work with brands. This tool has become essential in the industry when it comes to managing all collaborations with Influencers efficiently and easily.

Who has more influence capacity, Maria Pombo or Laura Matamoros? Why? Although apparently certain profiles may seem similar, even if they share circles of friends, each one adapts to different objectives when it comes to brands with which they collaborate, and neither are they the same at the level of followers or followers.

Are men or women more receptive to influencer interactions? how do they combine top with the rest of the influencers? And by age groups, who are the ideal target of brands for this type of campaign?

According to data from the sector, 38% of searches for a restaurant on the Internet are due to the fact that someone has previously seen it on social networks and therefore “influencer marketing and user-generated content are critical to the long-term success of this type of business”says Cebrian. In fact, 90 percent of restaurants already carry out influencer marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis, an ecosystem that requires sophisticated social management technologies, given the large volume of influencers and the large number of posts.

Detailed data from the “Top Campaigns” restaurant report

According to the latest report by Le Guide Noir, this summer the most successful campaign with influencers in the restaurant sector has been the one carried out on social networks by the popular streamer Axozer for the famous restaurant chain Goiko, with a total of 280,765 interactions and a
earned media value worth 524,414 euros.

Another of the great influencers in Spain, María Pombo, has generated an estimated total average value of 317,464 euros, with 164,926 social interactions linked to La Martinuca, her benchmark restaurant brand. Likewise, the Cabronazi account stands out, among the most influential in the Spanish restaurant market, with 107,489 interactions linked to the aforementioned restaurant, and an estimated return of 246,831 euros.

In addition to these accounts, although with fewer interactions, Hamada Eltabey, Laura Matamoros, Cocinaconchia, Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo, Ana Matamoros, Rober Nieva and Natalia Lacunza.

A very high level of bonding with potential clients

The users who generated the greatest connection with the brands (engagement) They were those of La Martinuca, Popeyes and The Fitzgerald, according to the data in the report.

In the case of the first of these businesses, the one dedicated to the sale of potato tortillas at home, the levels of engagement are 19.91%, while with the fast food chain Popeyes and the hamburger chain The Fitzgerald, the linkage rates are respectively 18.44% and 18.34%.

Two other gastronomic businesses also with levels of engagement Two-digit figures are the well-known Goiko hamburger restaurant, with 14.39%, and the Big Mamma group, whose offer and decoration together with its advertising strategy in accordance with the new era of digitization and social networks have contributed to placing it at 10.97 % your level of relationship with customers.

Likewise, among the main restaurants in the country with powerful marketing campaigns in the hands of influential people, there is the Grosso pizzeria, with 8.67% of engagement; the Vips chain, with 6.54%; the healthy fast food chain Aloha which reached 5.19%; the Japanese cuisine Miss Shushi with 4.31%, as well as the 100 montaditos, with 3.4%.

By age groups, the most receptive audience to this type of campaign with influencers in the gastronomy sector is between 25 and 34 years old, according to the report by Le Guide Noir.

The report’s ratings on the impact of influencer marketing include detailed parameters that, among other factors, take into account the visits and time spent on the influencer’s blog, their positioning in search engines, the number of times content is shared , and its quality or impact on social networks.

In this way, professionals have access to detailed reports on the performance of each sector and global brands in areas such as fashion, beauty, food, restaurants or tourism, among others, being able to automatically identify the influencers with whom they will be able to obtain the best performance in the promotion of their products.

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