Innovation and digitization as a solution to the problems of the economy

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Until a few months ago, the financial markets conveyed solidity and a feeling of being reliable sources of profit. The rate of adoption of assets related to the crypto world did not stop growing and even the most traditional corporations began to launch products to compete in this market.

However, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, coupled with high inflation and rising rates, has caused uncertainty has flooded the market. An uncertainty that has led to large falls in the stock market, reductions in the valuations of some scale ups Y startup, an increase in the difficulties to raise funds and crashes of the main cryptocurrencies. To seek answers to what is happening and what is going to happen in the coming months, the first Fast + Forward meeting was held at La Matriz with the participation of heads of institutions such as the Bank of Spain and companies such as Kibo Ventures, N26, Bitpanda, Capchase, Verse, Trade Republic and Mastercard and with the presence of startups such as Snab, Divilo, Aura Pay, Paymefy, Reveni, Deale or QCentroid.

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