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Recently Juanes He turned 50, many of them building an impeccable artistic career, and to celebrate he is going to launch a book written by a Colombian broadcaster. Precisely, hours after the celebration, a video was published in which the Italian band is seen Maneskins playing and singing the classic La Camisa Negra that the paisa made so famous in the 2000s.

This moment was published by the same band and is part of the first episode of a series of video-documentaries in which they show what their experience is like touring around the world.

Video context: Maneskins sings the Juanes song live, but he does it in the middle of a rehearsal in which they interpret other songs that surely all the members of the band know previously.

This is a clear example of the international impact of Juanes’ career.

A few months ago Maneskin met Shakira at the premiere of the movie Elvis at Cannes and at that time the singer agreed to do a song with them.

What is Maneskin?

Måneskin is a band made up of Italians, but the group’s name is a Danish word meaning Moonlight. In a certain way it is a tribute to the roots of its bassist Victoria whose mother tongue is Danish.

They officially formed in 2016, but first gained recognition for their appearance on the reality music show The X Factor Italy. His audition surprised the jury with the energy, the way the instruments were performed and the voice of his vocalist.

The band managed to reach the final of the contest, but had problems with a jury for attitude. That didn’t stop people from falling in love with them. During the contest they released the seven-song EP chosenproduced by the renowned conductor Lucio Fabbri.

Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio are the members of the Italian band Maneskin. Damiano is the youngest of the band, born in January 1999, while Thomas is the oldest, born in January 2001).

Music unites us!

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