iOS 16 adoption is advancing at a tremendous pace

iOS 16 has only been available for a short time, but the new Apple system is having an unusual rate of adoption. It seems that it is already surpassing previous versions in this regard. So it makes clear the interest of users with an iPhone to enjoy the new features that have been introduced in this version.

iOS 16 adoption is advancing at a tremendous pace

It would already be exceeding the percentage of adoption of iOS 15 in the same period. In addition, there are cases where it has a higher percentage than the previous operating system.


The main surprise is currently that as Christian Selig, developer of the Reddit Apollo client for iOS, has said, the percentage of users with iOS 16 of the app is 49.3%, while users with the previous version remain at 49.1%. So in the short time that it has been available, just eight days, the quota percentage of the previous version of the operating system has already been exceeded.

In general, the adoption is being rapid. About 22% of users with an iPhone have already installed the new version of Apple’s operating system. This in just over a week, so it would be normal for it to have already surpassed the market share of the previous version by the end of the month, if it manages to maintain this pace, of course.

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The new features that have been introduced in iOS 16 are one of the main reasons for this rapid progress. Users want to be able to enjoy them as soon as possible. In addition, there do not seem to be any problems with updates, which undoubtedly also helps this rapid adoption of Apple’s new operating system.

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