Israeli attacked press offices during recent Gaza aggression

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Ramallah, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) The Israeli army attacked media offices during its most recent offensive against the Gaza Strip, where 49 Palestinians were killed, the official Wafa news agency reported today.

According to the source, during the wave of shelling, Israeli warplanes unannounced attacked apartments in the Palestinian Tower, located in the center of Gaza City.

The bombs caused serious damage to the facilities of several media outlets that have offices in that building, including the Shehab news agency, the Media Group firm, the Al-Ayyam newspaper and two radio stations, among others, he stressed.

The director of Al-Ayyam, Hamid Gad, denounced that the attacks caused serious damage to the building.

Two office rooms were completely damaged, as well as the water supply network, forcing a temporary move, he explained.

Nahid Abu Harbid, a reporter and producer for the satellite channel Al-Kofiya, was injured in her left leg.

Wafa recently revealed that Israeli security forces committed at least 21 violations against Palestinian workers in that sector in the past month.

Among them, he cited cases of shooting while covering developing news in the West Bank, especially attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinian civilians.

So far this year the military has killed two Palestinian journalists, Abu Aqleh, shot in the head in the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank, and Ghofran Warasnah, near the southern city of Hebron.



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