“It’s a wild, fascinating and disturbing 120 minutes.” Martin Scorsese had a hard time watching the new Ti West, but he only has good words for the production of A24

Maybe the good one Martin Scorsese has made a few enemies after his perfectly argued attacks against the productions of Marvel Studios and against an odious drift that, regardless of who cares, is leading to what he considers a devaluation of cinema to the point of turning it into plain and simple content.

a disturbing surprise

But behind this purist and severe character, Scorsese is still a lover of the seventh art, and the latest discovery that has dazzled him has been none other than ‘Pearly’the prequel to ‘X’ with which Ti West continues to bring joy to horror fans after little gems like ‘La casa del diablo’ or ‘The Sacrament’.

For the 79-year-old filmmaker, ‘Pearl’ has not only been a pleasant surprise, but a “deeply disturbing” experience that, even, has come to take away his sleep. This is how she has described it in the middle /Film.

“Ti West’s movies have a kind of energy that’s all too rare these days, fueled by a love of cinema that’s pure and undiluted. You feel it in every frame. ‘Pearl’ turns a prequel to ‘X’ into a diametrically opposite cinematic record (think 1950s Scope and color melodramas) in 120 wild, riveting and deeply—and I mean deeply—disturbing minutes.

West and his muse and creative partner Mia Goth know very well how to play with their audience…before they plunge the knife into our chests and start twisting it. I was entranced, then restless, and then so disturbed that I had trouble falling asleep. But I couldn’t stop looking.”

In order to check for ourselves if ‘Pearl’ —which, by the way, has a new sequel underway under the title of ‘MaXXXine’— is at the height of the passions that it is raising as it passes through the festival circuit this 2022 and through American movie theaters —where it landed on September 16— we will have to wait, since the production of A24 still does not have a release date in our country. That yes, the hype it’s sky high.

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