I’ve gone from an iPhone Pro Max to a “simple” Pro, these are my reasons for giving up the big one

New year, new course, and with it, the decision of which iPhone to choose. After some deliberation and carefully weighing each step (which I already told in the Infinite Loop podcast), I decided that the iPhone 14 Pro he would be the chosen one this time.

The main doubt was whether to repeat with the Max format and its large size —and its enormous battery—, or if instead it was time to back down and return to a much more manageable size, but with sacrifices by the way. And against all odds, especially that of my environment, which almost required me to anchor myself in the Max, I ended up opting for that “small” size.

Not just manageability

At this point in the game I have a clear axiom: we humans love big screens, but not big phones. The second is an irremediable toll for the first, and perhaps that is why there are manufacturers betting on the folding ones.

We like to have a great multimedia experience, watch videos in good detail or navigate with a paper-like map. And we love to arrive at bedtime with a lot of autonomy. However, we do not love having a pocket-sized device that is more than 16 centimeters tall. It is simply a sacrifice.

For people who prioritize that manageability there is no Max option, but for those of us who appreciate both reasonable manageability and the inherent advantages of large format, doubts are frequent. And in those we see each other when choosing.

The decision of a 14 Pro, without more surnames, has counterparts such as a worse multimedia experience and a significantly lower autonomy (around 20% according to the data offered by Apple). However, I saw some advantage.

  • The aforementioned greater manageability. For someone who does sports frequently and often goes by subway or on foot, not just by car, it is a key point: one-handed, 6.1 inches is more friendly.
  • less adherence. Do scroll unconsciously, addictively, it is the new to smoke a cigarette out of habit. Having a less addictive screen to chain videos or games can be a help in prioritizing leisure of a certain quality. Watching a movie, reading a book or playing a video game on the console sounds better than chaining hundreds of short videos without depth or significance.
  • The Dynamic Island. It deserves specific mention: with her being interactable, although not as often as it may seem (it will be in any case more frequently after iOS 16.1 and its ‘live activities’), our thumb will appreciate having it at a shorter distance than if we had opted for 6.7 inches.

Autonomy, in any case, has gained a lot for the Pro family since last year. Until the iPhone 12 ProGiving up a Max could have more consequences. Since the 13 Pro, on the other hand, a few hours of autonomy have been scratched, which are the difference between being able to finish the day in conditions, or not.

Time will tell if I end up missing the benefits of 6.7 inches too much and if I should learn a lesson for the next few years: always Max. Or if instead, I am convinced to recover the manageability and not punish the thumbs too much.

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