Jacob Forever, La Dura and their daughter Saisha present the new member of the family

to the family of Jacob Forever, The Hard And your daughter saisha a new member has just been added: a cute kitten.

In their Instagram stories, the reggaeton player and his partner shared photos of the little boy who will now become Saisha’s playmate.

“The gift that he liked the most in life,” Jacob wrote in an image with his daughter and in which he holds the cat.

Capture Instagram / Jacob Forever

The pet seems to be very comfortable with her new family, because in another snapshot published by La Dura, she is seen sleeping peacefully on her husband’s lap.

It was her own influencer who commented to his followers that they had adopted the kitten, although he did not share details of how it came into his hands.

Capture Instagram / La Dura

The little gray animal with white paws like two pharmacies will have to make friends with the other house pets, Billy and Poppytwo dogs that we have seen several times with their owners through the networks.

Poppy and Billy, family pets / Capture Instagram Jacob Forever

On more than one occasion, the Jacob family has shown that they really like animals and that they are part of their daily lives.

Last Christmas La Dura shared several photos next to the tree they decorated for the dates and in them their pets were not missing.

Others who these days decided to start adding members to the family are Chocolate MC and his girlfriend Dainerys Díazwho now have a furry puppy by their side who is a real beauty.

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