Johnny Depp is dating his lawyer after winning the trial with Amber Heard

The media wants Johnny Depp return to believe in love after his complex breakup with actress Amber Heard. In fact, many speculated about his possible relationship with his lawyer Camille Vasquez, although the rumors were soon denied. The lawyer came to consider the behavior of the press “sexist”, since she only maintains a pleasant friendship with the actor. However, it does seem another lawyer has managed to reach her heart.

According to various media reports, Joelle Rich, who represented Depp in his case against ‘The Sun’ in London, he would have begun a romantic relationship with the American artist. A trial for defamation that ended up losing in November 2020, contrasting with his subsequent triumph in July 2022 in his case against Amber Heard.

Although Rich was not part of this latest legal process, It was seen at different times showing your support to Depp and Vasquez in the resolution of his last judicial process. This lawyer is specializing in defamation disputesprivacy and copyright, defending the privacy and reputation of its clients.

Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich in court | gtres

The first information indicates that Rich was married at the time she met Depp, but now she is separating from her ex-husband, with whom she shares two children. The journalistic sources that report on this union are somewhat contradictorybecause there is a part of the sector that affirms that they could be leaving without any formalitywhile others point out that they would go towards creating a more serious relationship by maintaining a enviable chemistry.

Johnny Depp resumes his professional career

There is no doubt that the trial against Amber Heard has been a Hard hit for the actor. Although the actor shows move along in your personal and work life. he carried two years without releasing a feature filmbut that will change with your participation in the period drama ‘Jeanne du Barry’, or ‘La Favourite’ which is in charge of the French director and actress Maïwennn Le Besco.

Johnny Depp at the 'Murder on the Orient Express' premiere

Johnny Depp at the premiere of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ | gtres

already seen the first picture promotion of the actor in the tape, where he will play Louis XV. Despite this, it should be noted that the protagonist of the feature film it won’t be him, but Maïwennn herself. The artist will interpret the social ascent of a young woman who lives in absolute poverty until she becomes the king’s lover, thus beginning to form part of the royal court. You can see more information about the project in video that we leave you to start of the news.

Furthermore, as progressed The Hollywood ReporterDepp intends to rtake up his role as director. You intend to create a production around the artist Amedeo Modigliani, with a work that will show the 48 hours that separate his commercial failure, to the moment in which he became a star. This project has Al Pacino What producer and I would put the interpreter in the director’s chair, after directing ‘The Brave’ ago 25 years.

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