Jokers promoted to the League of Legends Super League

jokers will be a Super League team next season after beating Case Esports in the deciding match which gave the automatic ascent. He will accompany UCAM, a team that managed to maintain the category precisely by defeating the new Superliga team.

The marker reflected a tight 3-2 at the end of the night. The match was extremely close. Though Jokers had victory in their hands on the fourth map. When they attacked the rival nexus, Case Esports came out of nowhere to completely turn the situation around. Bursting the rival’s options with a stroke of the pen and managing to go to the opposite base to make it 2-2.

Case Esports was ahead on the scoreboard on the first map. Casemiro’s team struck first. All the maps had a similar development, except for the fourth, Equality until reaching the end of the game.

The tension has been palpable at all times in the MeC, with the teams giving their all. As well as the members displaced to Madrid. The VIP zone of the Guasones and Case Esports boys did not stop vibrating with the best plays of theirs. There were the most outstanding of the team, in addition to the players, such as the Osasuna footballer Ruben Garcia.

we already have the full frame both in first and second, at least in the sports section. UCAM and Guasones will play in the highest category and MAD Lions and Case Esports, in the silver category. It remains to be seen the team that will take the place of the missing G2 Arctic. The Ocelote organization has also given up the slot, so the application period is open.

There are several teams interested in occupying the free position, although the names have not been officially revealed. Case Esports itself could opt for it. It could not be through the sports route, but it could be chosen to get it in the offices.


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