José Manuel Franco: “A lot of dialogue is necessary”

José Manuel Franco, president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), assured this Friday that in order to solve the conflict that arose in the Spanish women’s team, after the resignation of fifteen players to be included in Jorge Vilda’s next list, that “it is necessary dialogue, a lot of dialogue”, although he was confident that the situation could be redirected. Speaking to journalists, Franco explained that “It is an issue of the Spanish Football Federation that has to be resolved” and that starts from the basis that “for any Spanish athlete the greatest pride, their highest aspiration is always to participate with the Spanish teams in any sport”.

“In the case of women’s football I am sure that it is also like that. It is a source of immense honor, of great pride to be international and represent your country”, continued the president of the CSD, who pointed out that he believes that “the issue can still be redirected”. He also ruled on the mails of the internationals. “The players’ statement does not speak of a definitive decision, of not returning to the national team, it speaks of the fact that as long as this situation is not overcome, that situation. With which they leave the door open, of course, to return to the Spanish team in successive calls, which I hope, ”he reflected.

“On the other hand, the Federation statement speaks that there will be no sanctions for the players. In short, the two parties show an open door to continue talking, which is what I would ask of them, to talk until they reach some kind of agreement until this situation is unblocked, because this is bad for Spanish football, it is a evidence. This situation is not good for sport, for women’s football, which was taking off in a very important way “he pointed.

“We shouldn’t all forget that, for example, during the last European Championship there were moments with an audience of three million people watching our Spanish soccer team. We must not also forget the successes that our players from lower categories have obtained, the latest being the World Championship under’20 ″, he warned. Therefore, he asserted that “Faced with this situation, everyone needs to exercise responsibility and dialogue, a lot of dialogue” because he is “one of those who thinks that the most important problems are always resolved through dialogue”.

“And, on the other hand”, he continued, “we must not forget that we have two great challenges just around the corner, next year, 2023, the World Cup, where our team will participate, and 2024, the Olympic Gameswhere we still do not have guaranteed participation but we have many possibilities”.

“Spanish women’s football deserves an agreement and that these problems do not arise”, stressed Franco, who hopes and trusts that mediation by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) will not be necessary again and that this issue can be resolved within the Federation, although if necessary they would be willing to do it again.

He assured that he has the “maximum respect for the positions of the players when they allege health and mental health reasons” and that although sanctions are contemplated in the regulations, the Federation in its statement said that in principle it was not going to resort to it. He reiterated that he is “absolutely convinced that there is still room for there to be some kind of agreement that is satisfactory and worthy for all parties” and that it remains “with the goodwill that may exist in principle on both sides.”

“We are in a situation that if it is faced from the spirit of dialogue in the coming days and, in my opinion and I do not want to get involved in issues that do not correspond to me, nothing is further from my intention, they can be resolved,” he said. “I insist, with the data we want today, our position is this. Without wanting to interfere in what is the work of the Federation, nothing is further from my intention and of course respecting the players, the reasons they may have, of course, are respectable “, he pointed. “The CSD is not in doubt about supporting women’s football, on the contrary, we are dignifying women’s football. Any help that can be provided from here will have us at your disposal, ”he concluded.

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