JP Morgan believes 25% of Apple products will be made in India by 2025

We will have to stop thinking only of China when we remember where iPhones are made. Reuters has reflected a JP Morgan report in which 25% of all Apple phones are predicted to be made in India. The brand seeks to diversify to avoid being too affected by the times.

“Designed by Apple in California, assembled in India”

The study of the source justifies the trend by naming two main reasons: the harsh restrictions that China is still imposing due to COVID-19 and the “geopolitical tensions” in which the country may be immersed. Moving part of the production to India would guarantee shipments in the face of an escalation of those tensions.

At the moment it is expected that by the end of the year 5% of the production of the iPhone 14 moved to India, and that’s not all: a quarter of the production of all Apple products could also end up outside of China. As many investors say, by diversifying you reduce risk.

Apple would not have chosen India without more reasons: the country it’s a big market for iPhones Y large investments have been made to install supplier complexes like Foxconn in the Indian Territory. The design, regardless of manufacture, will continue to come from Cupertino.

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