Judo coach Ronaldo Veitía evolves favorably

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Cuban women’s judo coach Ronaldo Veitia Valdivie, admitted since Sunday in the intensive care room of the General University Hospital of Elda, Spanish province of Alicante, evolves favorably.

“Due to the positive evolution of his situation, the sedation has been withdrawn, as well as the intubation to which he was subjected until now. He responds fully and satisfactorily to all stimuli”, indicates the part sent this Wednesday by the coach’s son, Ronaldo Veitia Quinonesto the journalist Julita Osendi.

According to the report of the Spanish doctors who attend him, Veitía responds to orders such as opening and closing his eyes to respond. In addition, he “carries out muscular functions such as moving upper and lower extremities, and squeezing the hands of medical personnel to give answers.”

After a course of antibiotics to combat the fever, possibly caused by the aspiration of his own fluids due to being intubated, the coach has responded satisfactorily and “still has no fever”.

His sugar level is totally stable, reflects the medical report. Veitía had to return to sedation on Sunday, after presenting a picture of arrhythmia when sedation was gradually withdrawn

“At the moment he cannot speak, because the intubation has just been removed and he still has that uncomfortable feeling in his throat, but it is expected that in a few hours he will be able to do so,” Veitía Quiñones told Osendi.

Professor Veitía has also had blood cultures performed, but the relatives are awaiting the results. “But, on a general level, the improvement is noticeable,” said the coach’s entourage.

Ronaldo Veitía Valdivié (Havana, 1947) is considered one of the best women’s judo coaches in the world.

Veitía, 74, served for 30 years as a coach for the national women’s judo team, which he led to a total of 24 Olympic medals, five gold, nine silver and 10 bronze, which made him the coach of judo with the most medals in the history of these games.

Under his leadership, several judokas achieved great success in international matches, such as Idalys Ortiz, Estela Rodríguez, Driulis González, Legna Verdecia, Sibelis Veranes, Odalys Revé, Amarilis Savón, Daima Beltrán and Diadenis Luna, among many others.

For about three months he has been living in Spain, along with his son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren, in the Valencian province of Alicante.

In November 2021 his wife passed away, Mercedes Rodríguez Caballero, according to a note released by the Pan American Judo Confederation. “I think I am not lying to you if I tell you that I will never be able to recover, that I am still short of breath, that I feel her by my side. I will carry her with me until the end of my days. You met us together, you know what I’m telling you,” the coach told Osendi in an interview in April.

Asked if he would return to Cerro Pelado as an advisor or technician, Veitía replied: “Never, never! For nothing in this world, under no circumstances, would I raise ruins after having built a temple? Nope”.

It wasn’t for them to dispense with me like this… I was surrounded by misunderstandings, betrayals, painful things that corrode my soul because I, despite my age and my obese physique, was still very useful. What mistakes did I make? Let him who has not committed them cast the first stone! But it was not for them to do without me just like that, ”she added.


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