Ka’ana Wave Co | They create a new portable artificial wave for surfing

Since some years, the human being is beginning to surf in places where historically there were no waves for something as basic as there was no sea or river. The “blame” lies with several technology companies that have been able to recreate those waves of both the sea and the river in calm waters such as those of a pool or a lake, to name two examples.

The last to jump on this bandwagon is Ka’ana Wave Co.which has joined the race by launching its own static wave (mobile, because it can be taken wherever you want) and presenting it with a video of the kick-off party at Briannia Beach, British Columbia (Canada), playing Whistler. More than 250 people put it to the test and this is the result:

As explained by the company itself, the waves produced by the CM7-Series are of various shapes and only need more than a meter of depth, as well as a pool of 12 x 9 meters, As minimum. Thus, it creates a wave that reaches waist height and is very reminiscent of those formed by wakesurf and wakeboard boats, being also suitable for them, as well as kayakers and bodyboarders. In case of having more space, from the technology company they assure that they also have the capacity to generate XL waves that go over the head. We will have to see it, since at the moment there are no videos of this innovation.

Within the world of artificial waves, it could be said that there are two large groups. Those that generate waves similar to those of the sea and those that make it similar to those of rivers (or boats). Ka’ana Wave Co is part of this second, in which in 2018 UNIT Surf Pools It has already presented its static pool model inspired by the famous wave of the Eisbach, the small artificial river in Munich. It is a wave that is also “mobile” and that is developed by wakeboard specialists. is also Citywavewhich has an increasingly famous wave in the X-Madrid shopping center; or the French hydrostadium. Start the race…

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