Kaley Cuoco talks about the depression she suffered: “I was losing my mind”

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Kaley Cuoco He hasn’t had an easy few years. His rise to fame from the comedy series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ made her one of the most charismatic actresses. Her entry into the series led her to have a relationship with the other great protagonist of the plot, Johnny Galecki. A relationship that ended after two years.

Then the one who was a tennis player came into his life, Ryan Sweeting, with whom he married and spent two years. And finally, Karl Cookwith whom he also passed through the altar, but who led him to go through the “darkest” stage of his lifeas he has confessed in an interview granted to ‘Variety‘.

The famous actress has spoken at length with the aforementioned medium, to whom she has revealed that came to suffer depression while divorcing the latter, and that also caused him physical damage: “Going through my divorce was a super dark time. I just didn’t know how to deal with it”.

Work didn’t help him get over it

He looked for a refuge at work to try to forget about that situation, although it did not help him. “I was giving myself over to work to deny my depression and how upset I was. Unfortunately,my character was so depressed that it didn’t help me! She was really, really, really struggling. Too many tears”, he added.

This led him to ask for help in therapy, where he managed to get out of that hell; a situation that led to physical damage: “I developed a stress rash that ran all over my body for three months straight and it did not disappear. Literally, I felt fire in my leg for three months. could barely walk”.

She also found help in her co-star, Zosia Mametfrom ‘The flight attendat’: “I really needed someone with me. I was losing my mind. She had never felt so alone”.

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