Kessié and Christensen could leave Barça if they are not registered before Saturday

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Andreas Christensen and Franck Kessié, new signings from Barcelona, ​​could leave the club’s discipline Catalan and sign for another club if they are not registered in LaLiga before the first match against Rayo Vallecano next Saturday, according to several sources revealed to ESPN.

Christensen and Kessie they signed for Barça at the beginning of the summer as free agentswithout transfer, after having completed their respective contracts with Chelsea and AC Milan.

Nevertheless, with three days to go until the new season starts, neither of them has been registered in the Spanish league due to the club’s problems coping with the LaLiga salary cap.

In Barcelona they are convinced that they will manage to reverse the situation but different sources have confirmed to ESPN that both players reserved the possibility in their contracts to execute a clause to sign for another club if they are not registered before the first LaLiga match.

Laporta confirmed in Robert Lewandowski’s presentation that the club has prepared the activation of the fourth leverthe sale of another 24.5% of Barça Studios, in case LaLiga finally objects to the registration of the new signings.

assured that “We had planned the sale of the other 24.5% of Barça Studios in advance”. This sale to a company in the audiovisual sector will bring an additional 100 million euros to the club.


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