Kevin Federline publishes videos of Britney Spears arguing with her children to try to discredit her

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kevin federline it has been proposed to discredit Britney Spears like mother. It all started a few days ago, when the dancer assured the Daily Mail that the distance between the children and the singer was a reality.

In addition, he added that it was a voluntary decision of Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, who would have decided to separate from their mother. They didn’t go to her wedding to Sam Ashgari a few months ago.

It didn’t take long for the princess of pop to come out and defend herself against those who accused her of having a bad relationship with teenagers. “As we all know, raising teenage children is not easy for anyone.”began Brit, who described the situation as “painful” and added that the children have also been, like her, the object of persecution by the press.

The videos of the “discussions”

Angry at Britney’s response, Federline wanted to bring out the heavy artillery to discredit the mother of his children.

In this way, the dancer – who has had custody of the minors for years because the guardianship prevented Spears from raising her own children – has leaked several videos to the press in which Britney is seen arguing with Sean and Jayden. La Vanguardia has spread them in our country.

Far from being violent videos, in the fragments the singer can be seen trying to have a conversation with the teenagers after two home disputes. One happened because of the refusal of one of the children to use sunscreen and another because one of them was barefoot on frozen ground.

“This is my house, if I want to come in here and put some face cream on you because your face is dry, and all you say to me is ‘no, it’s okay.’ No, it’s not okay. You better start respecting me. Everybody should start treating me like a woman. I’m a woman, okay? Be nice to me, okay?” Britney says to one of her sons.

The publication of the videos by Federline is nothing more than a strategy to try to discredit Spears as a mother, an unfortunate fact when there are also two minors involved. Minors who should have respected the singer and if they had the idea of ​​filming it in her own house it was because someone close recommended it to them.

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