Kevin Johansen returns to Lima this October 4 to present his tour ‘Tú Ve’ 2022 Argentina Music Celebs RMMN | LIGHTS

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returns to Lima to offer a show that will take place on October 4 at the Gran Teatro Nacional and will be on the occasion of his “Tú Ve” tour, with which he will tour a large part of Argentina, Latin American countries such as Chile, Uruguay, among others. and Spain and the United States will join.

The tour is inspired by the singer’s latest album, where he takes the opportunity to revert and cover songs by other authors and invites the viewer to be a direct witness of what happens behind closed doors, for which he summoned musicians such as David Byrne, Natalia Lafourcade, Jorge Drexler, Rubén Rada and Silvia Pérez Cruz.

He has shared musical moments with them, in the privacy of his home or in a bar somewhere in the world. And she also sings with her daughter Wiranda two hymns such as “Orón al Tiempo”, by Caetano Veloso and “Perfect Day”, by Lou Reed. His interpretation of Erasure’s “A Little Respect” stands out in the folkie style that we are accustomed to.

“Tú Ve” is a much more conceptual, simple, even minimalist proposal. It has the commitment to show the artist in a much more intimate facet, where the music leaves spaces and manages to reach the essence of Kevin’s sound. According to Juan Campodónido, producer of the album, it was to seek to highlight the main characteristic of the musician: his voice.

“It was a search from the depths of Johansen. I wanted to make a record that was built around Kevin’s voice, guitar and some pretty simple elements and leaving spaces. So the first thing we did was record his voice.”expresses the aforementioned producer.

Tutuma Producciones (Guille Vallejos) and Sonidos del Mundo (Mabela Martínez), producers of the event, have confirmed that Tickets will be on sale starting this Saturday, August 13 on the Joinnus digital platform from 10 am with prices ranging from S/40 and up.


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