Kimiko feels like a champion in the United States

Cuban singer Osniel Andrés Cobarrubia, better known as The Kimikothanked the thousands of immigrants who took one of his songs as an anthem of their journeys to the United States.

In an interview in Maka’s HouseEl Kimiko acknowledged being impressed by the large number of Cubans who shared videos on social networks of their trips through different Central American borders to the United States, set to music with the song “The champion”one of his hits with Yordy.

The singer said he had personally experienced many issues that he alludes to in his songs “El Campeón” and “I’m here” such as pressure, police abuse, the need to hide so as not to say what is thought.

“Thank you for taking this theme as a reference to freedom, to leaving a country where your rights are not respected. I know what it is like to be on the street and feel the rope around your neck: a change is needed in Cuba and that dictatorship is over now,” said El Kimiko, who achieved great popularity when he was part of the delivery duo El Kimiko and Yordy.

“I had decided to do my career in Peru but personal things happened, which I prefer not to talk about, that They made me go to the United Statestogether with my group”, recalled El Kimiko, baptized like this by friends and neighbors for his inventive and experimental capacity.

El Kimiko defines himself as a delivery man but he likes to listen to a lot of music different from what he does, for example, Jerry Rivera, and took advantage of the interview to promote his recent salsa collaboration with El Taiger, Nesty and the group El Niño and La Verdad.

“L Kimii”, as he also calls himself on social networks, is a native of Los Sitios, Centro Habana, self-taught and author of his songs.

From a very young age, he decided to follow the “good path” suggested by his mother, and invested the little money she gave him for his needs in his patient musical career: recordings, videos, photo sessions. “Little by little I was placing myself [en la preferencia popular, desde lo] local. We sang in the bouts, as neighborhood parties are called in Cuban slang. I remember that in the days of the teacher we used to sing and dance in all the schools”, he recalled.

At the age of 10, he went to a studio for the first time with his cousin El Corto, the only relative he remembers with any connection to music.

The Kimiko recognized that the main problems that led to the separation of his duet with Yordy they were related to personal egos, “which allowed us to align ourselves both”, the company and its management.

However, El Kimiko sent greetings to Yordy at various points in his interview and is confident that he has saved the friendship between the two.

The duo El Kimiko y Yordy captured several headlines in the independent press and also memes on social networks after learning of the exorbitant price of a concert in Cienfuegos in February of this year.

Long before the concert at the Buenas Vibras Bar in the city of Cienfuegos, the value of the ticket per table spread on the networks and the networks exploded: the equivalent of one thousand US dollars at the street exchange rate of the time (24 thousand CUP).

Even the newspaper Granma criticized the price and detailed the actions that the local government took to vary it, to which the duo replied that they were not interested in working under those terms.

El Kimiko and Yordy finally denied the cancellation of the concert which happened on February 11 as planned.

Though the duo signed with the Italian label Planet Records in early Marchconsidered a great achievement in their short careers, before the end of that month Kimiko’s trip to Peru and the breakup of the duo transcended.

Many of the videos of the duo El Kimiko and Yordy have more than a million views on YouTube, uploaded to the channel of their producer Michelito Boutic and his success “You killed me” exceeds eight and a half million views.

In Spotify the duo exceeds 206 thousand monthly listeners, according to figures from the platform itself.

Since its foundation in July 2019 and until its separation, the duo El Kimiko and Yordy ventured into the cast genre: a fusion of reggaeton with current Cuban sounds.

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