KingKong Mini2 Pro the new release of Cubot

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If you are looking to switch from a phone to a more robust device. This is the right time as the new phone has been released KingKong Mini2 Pro of Cubot. This new device is an improved version of the previous KingKong Mini2 phone.

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Technical characteristics of the new KingKong Mini2 Pro

This phone in addition to having a resistance to falls, shocks, dust and water. It has some features that I am sure you will fall in love with.


The device has a design constructed of a material of plastic and rubber in order to make it more resistant to falls and shocks. We find dimensions of 119 x 58 x 12.1 mm and a weight of 122 g. So despite the robust phone, it is very light to carry. The phone will be available in 2 different colors so that the user can choose the design that they like best.

Cubot's new KingKong Mini2 Pro phone


If we talk about the screen, we find one of 4 inches protected with a Glass screen protector to make your phone even more resistant. The screen has a resolution of 1080×540with an OGS technology.

Processor and storage

Another important part of mobile devices is knowing their storage processors. The KingKong Mini2 Pro phone is powered by the processor Octa core MT6762 and has a default storage configuration of 64GB. It also has four 4GB of RAM.

Cubot's new KingKong Mini2 Pro phone


If you are a user who is concerned about the battery and wants it to last a long time on his mobile device. You should know that this KingKong Mini2 Pro has a battery of 3000mAh despite the size of the device. A battery that with a normal mode of continuous use would last between 2 and 3 days.

Something very important to keep in mind, especially for those users who love fast charging. Is that this KingKong Mini2 Pro device It does not have fast charging.

Cubot's new KingKong Mini2 Pro phone

Connections and sensors

The device includes support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BEIDOU. In addition to all these, their connection is that for the user they are very useful, the phone has different sensors that will make life much easier. These sensors are a notification LED so that it is not known if we have a message or notification on our mobile. In addition to having proximity sensors, an ambient light sensor, a gyroscope with three different axes, an accelerometer and a compass.

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Price and availability of the new Cubot phone

If you liked all the technical features of the new Cubot phone, I’m sure you’ll want to know the price and availability for users. The phone will be available for users to purchase from August 22nd being available in 2 colors different. The price of that device will be $129.99. You can buy the phone from the official page of Cubot or you can also buy it through aliexpress.

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