Kylie and Kris Jenner reveal one of their pasta recipes

In a new cooking video made for an American outlet, Kylie, 25, and Kris, 66, look fabulous and fun as they whip up martinis and delicious spring pasta. Witty mother-daughter banter pairs perfectly with cooking tips as they walk viewers through two of Kris’ favorite recipes.

Both dressed in black and covered in diamonds, teaching netizens, Kris first shows her daughter how to make “the perfect Kris Jenner martini.” The mother pulls out Belvedere vodka, Mezzeta olives, a martini shaker that says “Don’t fuck with me,” a shot measurer, a shaker, a strainer, two martini glasses, and olive sticks from a Birkin bag.

During the video they joked that when Kylie picked up the board to cut a pumpkin, she asked Kris if she should “cut it like Kendall, to which she replied ‘yes. You know it’s genetic.

This moment was really funny, because they made that reference in one of the episodes of The Kardashians, their Hulu series, when the model cut a cucumber crossing her arms. Kendall was preparing a snack and she placed one hand on top of the other as she tried to cut the vegetables, which caused a lot of controversy on social networks.

For her part, Kylie said: “Genetic? I don’t cut things like this,” but despite making fun of her older sister, she indicated that Kendall might have had a good point. “Kendall being in something like this feels really good.”

Kylie and her mom made martinis and cooked pasta spring to promote their latest makeup collaboration. As a duo, they released the collection with Kris on September 14, making it their second collaboration together.


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