LaLiga denounces RFEF and Antiviolence for insulting Vinícius and Real Madrid

The document denounces 24 situations in which the behavior of the Atlético fans was not correct with the Brazilian player and the Real Madrid delegation

The league has transferred to the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the Anti-Violence Commission the insults that fans of the Atletico Madrid directed the madridista striker Vinicius Junior before the derby on matchday six and during it, as well as at Real Madrid.

The document that is sent weekly The league indicates in the first place that upon arrival of the real Madrid to the stadium, on the 18th, some 500 local fans who were in the players’ access area sang the chant “You’re a monkey, Vinicius you’re a monkey!” and highlights the subsequent denunciation of these facts by the Atletico Madridwith a statement two days later.

Among the 24 situations of the party that denounces The league includes that twelve minutes before the start of the game, some 2000 local fans, located in the Lower Stand of South Fund, sectors 127 to 133, behind the goal of the same fund, sang in a choral and coordinated way the chant “Vinicius die! “, which is repeated in the 42nd minute and also that “numerous scattered local fans” chanted “silly, silly”.

The insults directed on several occasions at the Madrid supporters and the chant “the plague is coming, the Madrid player is coming with those horns that are obvious. The Madrid player, son of a bitch…, the athletic front enjoys it with his death, ¡¡ ¡oe oe, oe oe”, which some 2000 local fans uttered (m.35 and m.43) are other situations that he recounts.

The letter, which also alludes to the insults directed at the goalkeeper of the Real Madrid Thibaut Courtois, recalls that in the 17th minute a lighter and several empty bottles were thrown from the south end, occupied by local fans, without hitting any player, a situation that interrupted the game and prompted a request over the public address system to stop the throwing. Also that new objects were thrown in the 61st minute towards the visiting goal, which was picked up by the Courtois and handed over to the referee.

“Despite the number of intolerant chants previously indicated, with regard to those made by local fans, none of these chants was seconded by the rest of the fans present in the stadium, so almost all of them were made exclusively from the area described”, indicates LaLiga, which highlights the violence prevention measures adopted by the Atletico Madrid.

In addition to the letter that is sent weekly to the Competition Committee and the Anti-Violence Commission about the chants or incidents that incite violence in matches, The league makes an e-mail box available to the fans who attend them so that they can send their complaints or suggestions to contribute to the fight against violence in the stadiums.


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