Lance McDonald raises hopes of seeing a port of Bloodborne on PC

Bloodborne was one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games, a break from FromSoftware in the Dark Souls saga with a gothic setting that continues to amaze us six years later, and which has inspired other independent games such as Lies of P, Pinocchio’s “Bloodborne”.

However, unlike many other PS4 games, Sony has not released any ports of Bloodborne for PC. In fact, it hasn’t even received a 60fps patch for PS5.

Is there hope for a port of Bloodborne on PC (not to mention a sequel or a remake)? The information from the insiders is contradictory, but these statements from Lance McDonald, a well-known youtuber and modder in the community of soulslike fans, give us some comfort:

Japan Studio had a build of Bloodborne on PC, and Sony could bring it back at any time…

According to McDonald, “a 600fps patch for the PS4 version of Bloodborne is two lines of code away“. There would be no technical barrier by which Sony couldn’t port or re-release Bloodborne on PS5 and PCwithout needing the help of FromSoftware.

In fact, he adds that Japanese Studio (From supervisors on that project) had a build of Bloodborne running on Windows 7 before Sony will permanently close the studioand you bet they still have it in a drawer somewhere.


Bloodborne Story Trailer HD in Spanish

These statements come in response to the journalist Jeff Grubbwhich declared in Reddit than a PC port, a “Bloodborne Remastered” or a sequel or remake, they have few options to get aheadas Elden Ring is very busy with post-launch support for Elden Ring.

Add that Bloodborne code is “problematic”and Sony could not assign another studio to do the remaster or port, without the involvement of FromSoftware, which is not available.

Some assumptions that contradict the words of McDonald, who adds that he claims to have seen this build of Bloodborne on Windows with his own eyes, and that Sony could complete and launch at any time, without having to distract FromSoftware of Elden Ring and his many projects.

Personally, I think it’s very likely that a future Bloodborne project is already moving (PC port, PS5 remaster or, God willing, remake or sequel), but every time someone comes to the fore claiming to have inside information it gives creepyMcDonald says.

Grubb, for his part, clarifies that he is simply speculatingand that his idea is that a new Bloodborne project without From would be difficult, but it could be for technical reasons or because FromSoftware wanted to be involved.

Recently, another insider said that I had not heard anything of a port or any other project related to Bloodborne. If it’s really happening, it would have to be one of Sony’s best kept secrets… and you know how hard it is to have secrets lately.

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