Langen 2-stroke: 250 cc, 76 hp, 114 kg and injection

Langen 2 times

The weight of the set is only 114kg, to which the carbon fiber deposit helps. The beast moves thanks to the sophisticated v-twin developed by Vins, at 90 degrees of 249.5 cc with counter-rotating crankshafts. Power is found between 9,500 and 11,700 rpm and up to 14,500 revolutions the V-twin does not reach the red zone. The propellant delivers some good 76 hp cwith a maximum torque value of 45 Nm.

To stop the beast, the craftsmen of Langen have opted for two 320mm front discs, supported by a 265mm rear and radial brake calipers signed by HEL. The rear suspension is provided by two shock absorbers. Ktech Razors developed to measure for this motorcycle, adjustable in three ways.

Those responsible for the 2T ensure that the bike is not only used to give batches on the circuit but that it moves with the same efficiency in open road. When developing it, they were guided by the philosophy of the famous Colin Chapman (Lotus): “simplify then add lightness”.

Each unit will be manufactured following the owner wishes and for this, their size, weight and driving style will be taken into account. To achieve this goal, those responsible for Langen work with the clip-on handlebars, the suspensions and the height of the bike. The decoration of the 100 units that Langen hopes to manufacture will be unique in each case and will be chosen by the owner. As you can see, the temperamental m2T boys refuse to die and we are happy about it…


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