Latam expects to recover 81% of pre-Covid operating level this August

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The largest airline in South America, Latam, expects its level of operations this month to be 81% compared to the same month in 2019, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the group said in a statement on Thursday. The figure, measured in available seat kilometers (ASK), is a company recovery signalwhich had to file last year for Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Law due to the health crisis.

Some domestic markets have already surpassed pre-crisis levels, such as that of Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombiaassured Latam. Chiliinstead, “It is the one with the least recovery.reaching only 76%,” added the airline, although improvements are expected with the resumption last week of the emblematic route between Santiago de Chile and Easter Island.

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“Regarding the cargo business reactivation data, it is expected to reach pre-pandemic levels of capacity in a context of progressive increase in the fleet that will extend over the coming months,” the report added. In total, the airline expects to operate 878 daily domestic and international flights in August, connecting 135 destinations in 22 countries, while the cargo business has more than 1,280 routes scheduled. In July 2022, passenger traffic was 77.8% compared to the same period in 2019.

Latam, founded in 2012 from the merger between the Chilean Lan and the Brazilian Tam (today with subsidiaries in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and the United States), flew before the pandemic to 145 destinations in 26 countries and operated approximately 1,400 daily flightstransporting more than 74 million passengers annually.

With the health crisis, the company Reduced your operation by up to 95% and ended 2020 with a drop in its operating income of 58.4% and a net loss of 4,545.9 million dollars. Last July, the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of the multinational approved the entire Reorganization Plan, a key step to conclude the process of Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Law in the last quarter of the year.


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