League of Legends prepares changes in the jungle, in its mechanics and plans to introduce three new champions

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The Riot Games team does not stop with League of Legends and is constantly working on improvements and new features so that players of the popular MOBA always come across something new from time to time. This has led the company to publish a video with all the changes it plans to introduce in the short term.

Most of them will see the light during the 2023 preseason with a few modifications in the gaming experience to make it more satisfying. This will affect the communication system to make it easier to communicate with teammates. For this, the alert wheel will be renewed with all the old ones and new ones.

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The vision system will not be far behind either. When placing the objects that give visibility range, we can see how many we have placed throughout the stage and at the same time the range that they will cover, in order to have a better idea of ​​where it is worth placing them.

The jungle will also experience changes, as the team finds it to be a very stressful role. The purpose is to make it more intuitive, although there is no intention to make it easier to play, but it will have enough changes for all those who want to start or perfect this particular role.

On the other hand, the technochemical dragon will return to action. Obtaining the Technochemical Soul will not bring champions back to life, but will instead grant more damage and life reduction than normal. Plants on the stage will also mutate, with the Fortune Teller’s Flower granting movement speed and the Explosive Pineapple launching players farther than ever before.

all future champions

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The squad of champions League of Legends has expanded throughout this season with the additions of Zeri, Renata Glasco, Bel’Veth Y Nilah, although Riot Games is already thinking about the following to be added to the list. For the moment he has left us with a few brushstrokes of three of them:

  • K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, a top lane tank who hails from the city of Nazumah, a previously unexplored part of Shurima.
  • A dark assassin who will use a dark dagger to attack.
  • A male sorcerer from Ixtal.

Yes indeed, existing champions will not sit idly by. Udyr will be getting a new look and abilities very soon, and there are also plans to improve the visuals of Janna, Ahri, Swain, Taliyah, Olaf, and Sivir. In fact, Ahri’s changes will be reflected in early 2023.

Finally, Aurelion Sol will receive one of the most important updates, because it will completely reinvent your gaming experience without changing its visuals and narrative. This will mean that with the Q he will breathe fire nonstop as long as he has mana and the W will allow him to fly freely around the stage.

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