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Juan Pablo the ‘Indian’ Ramirez was received with tremendous news in Brazil. The Barcelona of Guayaquil suffered this Thursday the loss of the Argentine midfielder Leandro Emmanuel Martinezwhose sports rights have been acquired by the America MGwhere the Colombian plays, as confirmed by both club and player.

In the two seasons in which Martínez performed in Barcelona, ​​he became one of the main figures of the team, acting in a special way on the left side. The Barcelona coach, the Argentine Jorge Celicoassured at a press conference that, “they will look for those who cover Martínez’s absence, a correct player and a great professional, with elements that have other characteristics in their game.”

It is a difficult moment to have to say goodbye to Barcelona, ​​with which important and beautiful things were achieved, such as the 2020 title, but it is a great challenge to go to one of the most important leagues, such as the one in Brazil.“said the Argentine midfielder.

Martínez said goodbye during a press conference organized by Barcelona, ​​which was attended by most of his former colleagues: “The boys have come to support me, because goodbyes are complicated, in Barcelona I leave many friends and I will be aware of everything pass with the club”.

“We won the first phase this year and I hope the team wins the championship, of which I will also feel part,” he stressed, before indicating that his “exit will also help Barcelona financially, and at some point I hope to return.”

According to club sources, the transaction has been carried out by the one hundred percent sports rights with América Mineiro, and Martínez will appear tomorrow to fulfill a bond until 2025 with the Brazilian team, which eliminated Barcelona in the third qualifying phase of the current Copa Libertadores.

Along with Martínez, Uruguayan striker Gonzalo Mastriani also left Barcelona to join América Mineiro this week. In addition to having a production of 8 assists and 16 goals during the 103 games he played with Barcelona, ​​Martínez, 28, is one of the most correct players in the Pro League tournament, with very few bookings.

Martínez arrived in Ecuadorian football in 2018 hired by Deportivo Cuenca, with whom he played 58 games, scored 10 goals and produced 15 assists for goals.


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