Learn with TVGan, a way to train using new technologies

Training is a key issue in any activity because something new is learned every day that will serve to advance what is being worked on.

In addition, it is common for there to be new things in the productive activity to which one belongs or simply concepts to review and ideas to discuss with other people.

With this in mind, Learn with TVGan was created, an easy, simple and practical way to acquire new knowledge or review what they have and share with other farmers or producers and with experts in the different subjects.

The program takes place every Wednesday from five to six in the afternoon on the TVGan Colombia channels on YouTube and Facebook. and covers different topics in categories such as animal health, reproduction, environmental aspects, production systems, etc.

Aspects such as disease management, medication use and, in general, different categories according to the field of action of each participating company are addressed. (Read: In September it is the Farmer’s Day and TVGan offers a varied activity)

For example, among the most recent talks that have been given for the learning and knowledge of ranchers was one on coccidiosis and verminosis in cattle under one year of ageWhat tools are available for the treatment and control of these two problems in the livestock industry?

For this, experts from allied companies such as Vecol, Laboratorios California, MSD, Ourofino, among others, who weekly deal with a topic of interest to the livestock sector in general.

In addition, you have the opportunity to interact live and direct with the speakers to whom you can ask any concerns that each one has and they will be resolved instantly, which is also a way to support other ranchers who may have the same. Doubts.

In addition to connecting to the talks through Facebook or YouTube, you have the possibility of subscribe to the group Learn with TVGan on the whatsapp line 3223176931 and there they give you the link to participate in the talk. (Read: Learn how TVGan makes it easy for you to enter the world of online shopping)

That is why the invitation to all ranchers is to connect every Wednesday and learn or review topics that will be very useful for the business.


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