Leonardo DiCaprio is in love with Gigi Hadid (or so they say)

      The breakup of Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio after four years together was known in early October. When only a few weeks later rumors that the actor was with Gigi Hadid, we did not believe them. It was not easy to believe these rumors, considering that DiCaprio has a special predilection for 25-year-old girls (the model is 27). The rumors were true and we found out, with great surprise, when they came to light their first pictures together.

      They have known each other for years and frequent the same “high-level” circles, but it was not until this summer that the spark between them began. According to close sources, the model and the actor have been seeing each other in secret during these summer months, although they do not consider themselves a couple. We also know that their relationship is not exclusive, and that Gigi Hadid doesn’t want anything serious with the.

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      What we did not expect was to find out that the actor is in love with her, to such a level that even considers “settle down” and even “have children”. This has been revealed by a source close to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, leaving us all with our mouths open. This same source affirms that Gigi “is the type of woman that is normally attracted” to the actor. “A ‘smart and successful girl like Gigi would definitely catch Leo’s eye,'” she says. “They’ve been seeing each other a lot and are very close,” she adds.

      Though it may seem like it, Leo “isn’t one to jump in and out of relationships,” says the source. “He’s not jumping around. They’ve been taking things slow,” she adds. It is still early to know if their relationship will come to fruition, but they would make an incredible couple.

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