Leoni Torres tells what it was like to film the video clip for “After Me” with Diana Fuentes

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Filming a video clip is not an easy task. Although the final result manages to fall in love with the public, to reach that moment a lot of work is needed.

This was demonstrated by the Cuban singer Leonie Torres by sharing on his Instagram profile a video of one of the stages of the filming of “After me”beside Diana Fuentes.

“Things that happen in a filming”, wrote the interpreter of “Soledad” in the post on the social network.

In the images Leoni and Diana Fuentes recounted some of the “adventures” they experienced for this recording together with part of the film crew.

“I always like it when the public tells me ‘oh, Leoni, that job that you have, recording videos, that job of yours, how comfortable it is’; Well, we have been rehearsing since six in the morning, yesterday, days and days of preparation to make a video, so imagine, but we still like what we do, ”said the singer to his followers on the social network.

“Then you see and the whole process is worth it”, Diana is heard saying about the satisfaction she feels when seeing the final result of the audiovisual.

In another part of the images, Leoni showed the long road, about two and a half miles, that they had to walk to finally reach the beach where they filmed one of the most beautiful parts of the video clip.

“And that’s the longest way,” commented the interpreter of “Amargo Pero Dulce” in the publication.

However, so much effort seems to have paid off; “After me” It already exceeds 490 thousand views on YouTube.

Last weekend during his concert in Miami, Leoni invited Diana Fuentes to perform this song live. Along with a fragment of her presentation, the singer thanked her for singing for the public that night.

“A little piece of yesterday! How nice it felt to sing ‘After Me’ for the first time! Thank you dear Leoni Torres for the invitation, what a beautiful concert!” Diana Fuentes wrote on Instagram, also along with a fragment of that presentation.

Last March both artists announced this collaboration and generated many expectations among their fans. Several months later, everything seems to indicate that the wait was not in vain.

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