‘Lexus’, the alleged prankster of the exKGB’s provocation department

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He jumped like a spring, almost as if he had been stung by a bumblebee. Or better; as if someone had stepped on a bunion: “This is nonsense; there is no proof!”. Alexei Stolyarovaliases lexusone of the two alleged Russian pranksters who has just made the call to the mayor of Madrid José Manuel Martínez-Almeida, responded in this way, five years ago, in an indignant tone, to the question asked by EL PERIÓDICO whether he and his colleague Vladimir Kuznetsov, instead of making a living as pranksters or prankstersThey actually worked for Russian espionage.

It was the autumn of 2017, and in the midst of the political maelstrom caused by the Catalan procés, the first surprise call had just been made to a Spanish leader of lexus and his partner, known by the nickname of come back On this occasion, the victim was the then Defense Minister, Dolores de Cospedalwhom they tried to ridicule by broadcasting the conversation they had with her shortly after she accused Russia in NATO of manufacturing fake news to promote the Catalan process.

At this point, very few doubt that the duo lexus Y vovanat the very least, coordinates its actions with the Federal Security Service (FSB, one of the heirs of the KGB) Despite insisting lexus During the interview, also repeatedly, that it was they themselves who chose their scapegoats, it is obvious that the objectives of the supposed humorous duo have always been in line with the interests of the Kremlin. “We would never do anything that could help Russia’s enemies,” they came to recognize during a conversation with Guardian.

private access

His access to telephone numbers available to very few reinforces the idea of ​​his connection with the Russian secret services. As published then El Confidencial Digital citing military sources, “only governments and states can have knowledge of a telephone that belongs to a secretary of the minister.” According to the same sources, the interlocutors carried out a highly professional job as impersonators, perfectly respecting “the official terminology and protocol.”

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lexus Y vovan They do not hide their homophobia, as evidenced by the call they made to Elton John after he criticized the Kremlin’s policy regarding sexual minorities. They have also shown few scruples in dramatic situations, such as when they wrote a fake letter on behalf of the Ukrainian president. Petro Poroshenko a Nadiya Sevchenko, Ukrainian pilot imprisoned in Russia and on a hunger strike, asking him to drop his attitude.

The paroxysm was reached with the call in 2017 to the opera singer and former Russian deputy who fled to Ukraine Maria Maksakovawife of Denis Voronénkov, also a former Russian deputy, riddled with bullets in kyiv in March of that year. lexus Y vovan they posed as officials of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and offered to hold concerts in the war zones. It was then that Maksákova revealed to the world that the FSB had a sub-department of “provocations”, which used false and compromising calls as a tactic.


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