Liam Gallagher approaches a band and it’s not Oasis: “If he has something to sing, I’m his man”

As reported NME, Liam Gallagher has confirmed that he is speaking with Jon Squire, former guitarist of The Stone Rosesto form a new band.

Gallagher already hinted that the idea was in the making last June, when he brought the ax onstage during his Knebworth shows to play the classic “Champagne Super Nova”iconic Oasis anthem published in 1995.

“Super group entering LG JS”then read one of Gallagher’s tweets.

Now, in a new interview with Apple Music 1, Gallagher has confirmed that both, “definitely”they will work together.

When asked about this possible project, the Englishman made it clear: “Yeah. It’s serious, man. But we’ve got stuff to do first. He’s got stuff to clear up and stuff. But yeah, I’m definitely going to do something at some point.”

When asked if he had sat down with Squire, Gallagher replied: “Perhaps, yes. I probably did it at Knebworth and stuff, I think, if I can remember anything from that time.”

“But no (we’ve talked seriously). We’ve talked about something. Maybe. But there’s no rush. He’s my man, I love him. So if he’s got a tune that needs to be sung, I’m the man, my friend.”

To all this, the vocalist also acknowledged that he has been drinking for a year “half a bottle of brandy” Before coming out on stage. The reason? Well, it helps Gallagher to drink the liquor with a little hot water and honey to warm his voice.

“I drink half a bottle of brandy before I go out”Liam acknowledged. “Now I’ve put it aside. But the last year I’ve been stoking the brandy with honey and hot water, and working my way up a bit.”

“I’ve been a bit flustered going onstage lately. Not so flustered, but yeah… I wouldn’t say nerves, but I think as you get older, you get a little more… you’re not so confident anymore.”

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