Liam Gallagher plans to form a supergroup with John Squire of The Stone Roses

Liam Gallagher just confirmed that is in talks to form a supergroup with John Squire of The Stone Roses. In June, the former Oasis vocalist had mocked the idea that the two could collaborate on a project together, although now it seems to be true.

In a recent interview with Matt Wilkinson for Apple Music 1, Gallagher said the couple is “definitely” going to work on a project. “Yes. He is serious, man. But we have things to do first, and he has things to clear up and stuff. But yeah, we’re definitely going to do something at some point,” Liam said.

At one point, Wilkinson asked the musician if he had already discussed the subject with his colleague and, with some hesitation, the author of “Songbird” confessed that maybe he spoke it in the Knebworth concerts that Oasis gave in 1996where Squire was invited as a guitarist. “He is my friend, I love him. So if you need someone to sing along with, I’m going to be there, man,” she added.

Liam Gallagher. Photo: Liam Gallagher’s Facebook.

On the other hand, Gallagher -who turned 50 yesterday- confessed that he is currently drinking brandy with honey and hot water to warm up his voice before each show. “It’s half a bottle of brandy before we go onstage,” she said. “Now I have stopped doing it. But the last year I’ve been drinking cognac with honey and hot water, and working my way up a bit.”

Ending the interview Liam went on to talk about the backstage of his shows and how old age is affecting him.. “I’ve been a bit roughed up on stage lately. Not as rough around the edges, but yeah…I wouldn’t say nerves, but I think as you get older, you get a little more…you’re not so sure,” he concluded.

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